Master The Rules Of Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em is the most played variant of Poker, especially the “no-limit” form, for which one can bet or raise without restriction. This is the basic rule of the World Series Of Poker (WSOP). As its name suggests, Texas Hold’em was born in Texas, and more specifically, in the city of Robstown. Appeared in the early 1900s, it spread to America in the 1960s. Long considered a dangerous game, it became popular in the 2000s, thanks in particular to the rise of online gaming sites and better supervision of the practice. In the past 20 years, many poker tournaments have experienced significant development (World Poker Tour, WSOP, European Poker Tour, etc.).

What are the basics of Texas Hold’em Poker?

Hold’em is based on several simple essentials. Throughout the game, each player holds 2 hidden cards in hand. Subsequently, the dealer reveals 5 cards visible to everyone at first, then a 4th and a 5th over the course of the game.

Everyone can use their 2 private cards and the 5 community cards as they wish to form the best possible hand of 5 cards. The revelation of each card punctuates the game because it is followed by the bet of the players (and the abandonment of those who do not prefer to continue).

How is a game of Hold’em?

The game always starts with the auction. Concretely, before a first hidden card is even dealt, two participants must bet blind: the designated people are those who are immediate to the left of the dealer, sometimes called a “button.” At this point, the small blind is the first bet, the smallest – followed by the big upper blind, usually double the small blind.

Each player receives 2 hole cards, which are not shown to the other participants. Following this, he can make several decisions: call (and bet the equivalent of the big blind), raise (bet double) or pass. The first player to start is always the one to the left of the big blind.

The game continues with the revelation of 3 cards common to the players, accessible to constitute their hand.

The active player to the left of the dealer begins, and the rest follow. The options for each are the same as during the preflop phase. However, if no one has bet a chip before him, a player can “check”: this means that he keeps his hand without adding new chips.

The last card accessible to all is revealed; it is the river. The players still actively continue their bets, and the game evolves according to the 5 cards now visible to all.

If there is more than one player left after the river’s betting round, the winner cannot be determined yet. The last person to bet or raise must be the first to show their cards. If no one has bet and if the players have simply followed, the participant to the left of the dealer must reveal his hand first.

Logically, the player with the best hand wins the pot. If two identical hands are identified, the pot is shared between the winners.

A new game can start. The dealer becomes the next player, clockwise (this is always done in Texas Hold’em Poker).

How to win at Texas Hold’em Poker?

There is no secret to winning at Texas Hold’em Poker: you must naturally master the rules, but also present yourself as a fine strategist because bluffing is also part of the game. There are many strategies, and the best sometimes keep their tips for themselves, which generates a lot of curiosity.

Despite everything, it should be known that the tight-aggressive approach is very widespread in this universe, without one being able to affirm its effectiveness or its ineffectiveness. Concretely, it is necessary to place oneself on a few hands (from where the term “tight”), but to bet and raise frequently (aggressiveness). A solution that can be tested at first, but which deserves to be compared with other practices, because it is by playing more often that we develop the best methods.

English Roulette: How To Play And Win?

A particularly well-known game in the live casino roulette malaysia world, English roulette is a variant of classic roulette. In each game, several players meet around a table with the famous roulette. They bet on numbers and colors, hoping that chance is favorable to them. In the 1700s, we were already starting to practice a game of the same type, knowing that the appearance of a distinction between two colors (red and black) arrived on the eve of the following century. This entertainment crossed the Atlantic in the 19th century, also attracting Americans. To master English roulette, you must know the initial rules of French roulette, very close to the British version!

The course of a game of English roulette

A game of English roulette is generally played between 1 to 7 participants. Everyone must bet on a number and find the one on which the ball will stop its race. You can naturally choose to select several numbers, then allocate specific bets, using various strategies and maneuvers to increase your chances of winning more money.

To start the game, the croupier announces that it is time to “make his bets”: in other words, the participants must each place their own bets on the mat provided for this purpose. When he informs that “the games are made, “it means that it is still possible to bet, even when the ball has started its race. On the other hand, if he says that “nothing is going well,” there is no longer any question of changing his bets.

Each patient waits until the ball stops completely. At this precise moment, the croupier announces the outgoing number by placing the dolly on it. He recovers all losing bets and pays out the winnings.

Even though there are three croupiers in French roulette, the English and American variants are organized with a single croupier.

How to bet on English roulette?

The different types of bets

There are several types of English roulette bets: on a full number, you can win 35 times the bet. Other bets also allow you to win substantial sums:

  • The horse, bearing on 2 numbers, which brings back 17 times the setting.
  • The cross, bearing on 3 numbers, which reports 11 times the stake.
  • The square, bearing on 4 numbers, which reports 8 times the stake
  • The six main, bearing on 6 numbers, which brings back 5 times the setting

Another bet doubles the gain: the dozen (on the first 12 numbers, the 12 in the middle of the last 12). We can also bet in simple chances on elements such as color, even or odd numbers, miss (numbers from 1 to 18), pass (numbers from 19 to 36), and win his bet. Finally, the columns and dozens on horseback allow you to win half of your stake.

What if the number 0 comes out?

In all forms of roulette, the 0 is a special number. When it comes to English roulette, it loses half the value of the bet for those who bet on simple odds.

What you need to know before playing English roulette

English roulette is the most popular game in French casinos. However, it is useful to know that the playmat on the English variant is not quite the same – those who are used to French roulette can observe the differences. However, the announcements, combinations, and winnings remain the same.

Finally, each participant buys their own chips before playing. He can only use them at the table where he made the purchase. These chips correspond to a sum of money: they are deposited on the gaming table to bet. The winnings are therefore distributed in the form of plaques and tokens.

There are other variants around the world: American roulette, in which we add a new number (double zero). In Mexican roulette, we even opt for an additional triple zero, and, in German roulette, we mix the French and English rules (the chips have specific values ​​and can be differentiated by patterns).

What to Wear to a Casino?

With multiple poker tables, blackjack and crazy roulette, it is your style and your personality that you must put on the carpet, and thus give the impression of winning just with your look. And also, think that even if you are new to slot machines, you can look like a casino online ace with the right look. Whatever happens, find out beforehand about the Papadewa Judi Casino you are going to visit, because ultimately your choices of look will be partly determined by the geography of the place and its frequentation.

Glam style

For the gentlemen who would like to match, it can be interesting to wear dark-colored and fairly neutral dress pants. A classy shirt with a fairly distinct color, like red to go with the lipstick of these ladies, can be of the most beautiful effect. When you go to the casino, you show your hands a lot. So as women should highlight their manicure to optimize their poker hand, men can wear cuff links in keeping with their outfit. A good idea is to match the buttons to the color of your socks to make a discreet but glamorous reminder.

Sophisticated style

In this case, women can be elegant with pants of the tailor/chinos type or even a pencil skirt with a beautiful shirt with a lavaliere collar. This kind of style is effective and without fuss, and you will certainly have the class around the poker table, whether you practice the Texas Hold’em or Omaha Hi-Lo variant. We can even choose slightly flashy colors for the top. It can sometimes be very hot at the casino, so remember to take a short sleeve top and a classy jacket in case the air conditioning is too strong. In terms of jewelry, gold is your best friend to boost this look, but brass can also be the most beautiful effect. The important thing is to choose discreet jewelry. You can wear black heels or match your top.


Men, on the other hand, can be sophisticated with dark-colored pants, classy city shoes, and of course, the eternal simple but effective shirt. Truth be told, especially if it is for a business evening, men can easily stay in business suits, even if the tie is not compulsory. For the cufflinks, no eccentricity, we stay on a sober color. A blazer with matching socks is a nice look to compose to play it sophisticated contemporary.

Relaxed style

Chinos are great for men who appreciate a more relaxed casino vibe. Wear them with a light fabric polo shirt and don’t choose a print that is too marked. Hawaiian shirts are nice to wear, but not for casinos! Instead, pair your chinos with a classy but comfortable striped shirt, or opt for a solid color. A pair of brown moccasins will go perfectly with matching socks.

Blackjack: All The Rules Of The Game!

Very common in casinos, blackjack has existed since the end of the 18th century: it was then called “21”. Mixing two existing games, the railroad, and the French farm, it quickly became a traditional practice in Parisian casinos. Since the arrival of virtual casinos in the 1990s and their development in the 2000s, blackjack continues to attract an ever-increasing number of players: to get started, you just naturally start by knowing the rules!

The goal of the game: how to win blackjack?

All players, during a game of blackjack, are opposed to the bank. Each begins by receiving two cards, then draws successively new ones. It must approach the number 21 without exceeding it.

To win at blackjack, you have to beat the dealer:

  • By obtaining a number of points higher than him;
  • By making the game last until it exceeds 21 before the other players.
  • It is important to understand that all players successively fight against the dealer, who represents the bank. They don’t play against each other.
  • When a card draw causes the player to exceed 21, he loses his initial bet. In the language of casinos, it is said to “jump.”

How to play blackjack well?

The composition of the game and the value of the cards

A game of blackjack consists of cards from 2 to 10 (their value is similar to that of the card – for example, the 4 of clubs brings 4 points). There are also aces that can bring 1 or 11 point (s), depending on the choice of the player. Finally, the game of blackjack also contains “logs.” These cards, whether a king, queen, or valet, always bring 10 points.

The course of the game

The dealer begins by distributing a discovery card to each player – he draws a visible for him too. The dealer then distributes a second uncovered card to each player.

Once each player has two cards, each player has a choice: if he announces “Card!” He is given a new card – he can ask as much as he wants to get close to 21. If he exceeds 21 after drawing a card, his stake is lost, and the dealer goes to the next player. To avoid risk, the player can stop asking for cards and say “I’m staying” before going over 21. The dealer then passes to the next player.

After performing the same operation with all the players, the dealer plays for him. He draws cards to reach a number between 17 and 21, and if he exceeds 21, all players who have not reached 21 win. On the other hand, if the dealer manages to reach a score between 17 and 21, the winners are those who have reached a number higher than that of the dealer. The dealer has no choice; he shoots at 16 and stays at 17

For example, if the dealer has 18, the players “left” at 17 lose, but those who have obtained 19, 20, or 21 points win their stake.

Exceptions to blackjack

If a player succeeds in “making blackjack” (that is to say obtaining 21 points in two cards) and the croupier has managed to reach 21 in 3 or more cards, the player having made blackjack wins one and a half times his stake and the dealer wins against all those who have a score equal to or less than 20.

Conversely, if the dealer draws an Ace and a card with a value of 10, he wins against all those who made 21 with 3 cards or more.

There are also 3 special cases specific to blackjack:

Insurance: when the dealer draws an ace first, players can insure against his blackjack by paying 50% of their bets. If the croupier does blackjack, the player who has insured can lose his bet but wins double the initial insurance (he does not lose money, but neither does he win).

The situation is different if the dealer does not do blackjack. The insured player, in the event of a victory, wins his bet but loses the insurance. If he loses, he loses his stake and his insurance.

Split: If a player draws two cards of identical value, he can separate them and make two games. This privilege has a cost: you have to double the initial bet to access it. There is never a blackjack on a split. Note that you can even play on 3 games, although the rule can be capped at 2 games in some casinos.

Doubling: once the second card has been received, the player can double his bet provided that he takes only a third card.

To conclude, we note that some casinos strictly apply French law and accept abandonment after receiving the first two cards. This practice is not always accepted: it is better to look at the rules before such a decision!

In order to perfect your blackjack method, there are many strategies: the great enthusiasts are introduced to ever more ingenious practices to succeed in making blackjack against the dealer … But as always, impossible to do without a minimum of training!…